Monday, June 27, 2011


How wonderful is!!!  Pickle is officially addicted.  I may start a file for every love I've ever had, but first, and ode to the Red, White and Blue!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Belle's Patriotic Freebies

Belle has created these great patriotic freebies though her Adorabelledesign line on Etsy! Just print, cut and take a few minutes to assemble and you are on your Yankee Doodle way! Hurry and request by the end of June. Search AdoraBelleDesign on Facebook for details.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Clasp My Pearls!

"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize."  A quote I've done my best to live by since Olympia Dukakis uttered it in, Steel Magnolias.  Maybe our recent Vintage Garden Gnome party has me dreaming of beautiful styles gone by.  Remember going through your mother or grandmother's jewelry box as a kid?  Remember those big, colorful, dare I say gaudy, pieces from the '60's and '70's?  Wish you had them now?  Well, Anthropologie stands ready to fill that void.  These beautiful pieces are classic and could be enjoyed by generations. Be still my bank account.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

How sweet!

While perusing this month's House Beautiful, (the cover story is The Color Pink, so I obviously slowed down long enough to read it!) this wonderful tablescape caught my fancy.  Dylan Lauren of the famed Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC, was the guest stylist.  What is not to love?!!  A candy lover of any age would adore this.

Actually, though, I began thinking how perfect this cake would be for a children's area at a wedding reception.  If you are planning a special table or even a room for the kiddos, this would be a special nod to your sweetest guests, especially those who stood up straight and wore itchy clothes in your honor.   Go as bright as this table or consider staying in your color scheme.  Your junior guests are sure to feel extra special.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vintage Garden Gnome Party

After weeks of dismal winter weather, the sun is shining in Texas and the Garden Gnomes are ready to come out in the garden!  PickleBelle styled this local party using items from Belle's Etsy shop, AdorabelleDesign.  What fun we had with this vintage dessert display! 

Face it, Gnomes are hot.  These little mischevious guys have tickled everyone's fancy.  We were inspired by a great book from Pickle's childhood that we'll feature further down the blog.  And this little guy stole our hearts!  We can't wait to take our little one's to see the new hit movie, Gnomeo And Juliet.

We were so excited that the baker bought into our "mushroom" look for the cupcakes.  They were perfect for the personalized cupcake picks.  And these hats!  How could you ever forget them when they are attached to delicious cupcakes?!  Apples were a nice natural touch of red...however, I'm not holding my breath that any of the little gnome guests will choose them over all our other delectable treats!

The charming banners that AdoraBelle Design created tied our theme together!

Gnome kisses - I mean really, can you get any cuter?

These Dublin, Texas Dr Peppers "brewed" with real Imperial Sugar Cane - the original formula - are perfect additions to the vintage table.  In the Metroplex, you can find these at Central Market and Costco.  The gnomes worked all day bundling these "twigs," and PickleBelle is crushing over the look of the reproduction radio in the background.

And keeping with our red themed food, these red velvet sandwhich cookies were a huge hit with the moms...and PickleBelle.  What a great example of using what you have to make a uniquie and personal dessert table.  We love love love using this birdcage themed planter to serve the cookie sandwiches.

Little gnome guests will love creating thier own magical gardens with these seed packet and flower favors.  We attached these charming tags to all the potted flowers!

And as these fun little creatures began taking over our hearts, Pickle was reminded of a favorite childhood book - The Pop Up Book of Gnomes.  It served as a great inspiration piece for the project. 

We hope you will feel inspired to bring a gnome of your own home!  By the way. . .in case you need a perfect outfit for your guest of honor?  Check out this find from BabyHarrill - we love the quality of her work!

Always remember, there is no place like Gnome Sweet Gnome.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fancy Little Pickle's Birthday Soiree

What a wonderful time in our lives!  What is more fun than viewing the world through the eyes of a three-year old?  I knew that this year's birthday needed to be special and a reflection of Little Pickle's favorite things - tea parties, dress-up (she inherited a love of accessories that spans generations) and shopping! 

Throughout the last year, she had fallen in love with Jane O'Connor's Fancy Nancy as this wonderful picture by Brandi at B4 Photography clearly illustrates.  In fact, this picture sealed our fate!  A Fancy Soiree was the theme for the year!

I just had to include this picture in the "purse" invitation - a keepsake family members adored.  I'm sure I don't want to know what happened to those mailed to other three-year olds!

Little Pickle counted the days until her party and asked for weeks if today was the day.  At last it was here!

Guests arrived and were asked to fancy up with boas, sunglasses, bracelets and necklaces.  Warning - three-year olds are not that fond of feathers - mothers were better sports.  Who knew?

These little pumpkins had a blast dressing up and crafting their own paper crowns (thanks Adorabelle!) and bracelets made from chenille stems, Fruit Loops and Lifesavers.  Okay, so more Lifesavers and Fruit Loops were eaten than adorned chenille stems.

And of course, there was a diamond ring toss!

The desert table contained serious sweets and sandwiches with frilly toothpicks, of course!

Little Pickle still talks about this party three months later.  It was worth every minute of preparation.  Anything to bring her joy!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Little Belle's Birthday Bash

Since I have started designing birthday parties for everyone else, I felt a bit of pressure when my little one's third birthday approached.  What to do, what to do?  Luckily, the fiftieth time I read her the story of Little Red Riding Hood, inspriation hit!  With a little guidance from the super cute party I saw on Kara's Party Ideas I started putting things together! First we had to call Brandi from B4 Photography to take some photos of the birthday girl.
Photo by B4 Photography
Creating the invitations was one of my favorite parts!  The little wolf could be removed - which turned out to be a BIG hit with the three year old crowd.

 I hand stamped and embossed the envelopes with a super cute handmade stamp I purchased on Etsy from Corrabelle Etsy Shop - who could resist the name!

Now on to the party. . .

The big bad wolf greeted the guests as they walked in the door - then meet a terrible fate as our pinata!

Our dessert table.  I don't think these kids slept for DAYS - lots of sugar here!

All of the guests were so excited to hear the story!  I found a bit kinder, gentler version of Little Red Riding Hood explained in the Mary Engelbreit Nursery Tale Book.  Beautiful illustrations too!

The little felt cookies were a challenge!  Sewing is NOT my forte - but they turned out cute!

All our guests took home fabulous Red Riding Hood capes, along with a basket of cookies they earned by playing games set up in the backyard!

Pickle and Belle's Little Red Riding Hoods. . .

Be sure to check out my etsy shop AdoraBelleDesign to purchase all the decor you need to recreate your own fairy tale!