Sunday, February 6, 2011

Little Belle's Birthday Bash

Since I have started designing birthday parties for everyone else, I felt a bit of pressure when my little one's third birthday approached.  What to do, what to do?  Luckily, the fiftieth time I read her the story of Little Red Riding Hood, inspriation hit!  With a little guidance from the super cute party I saw on Kara's Party Ideas I started putting things together! First we had to call Brandi from B4 Photography to take some photos of the birthday girl.
Photo by B4 Photography
Creating the invitations was one of my favorite parts!  The little wolf could be removed - which turned out to be a BIG hit with the three year old crowd.

 I hand stamped and embossed the envelopes with a super cute handmade stamp I purchased on Etsy from Corrabelle Etsy Shop - who could resist the name!

Now on to the party. . .

The big bad wolf greeted the guests as they walked in the door - then meet a terrible fate as our pinata!

Our dessert table.  I don't think these kids slept for DAYS - lots of sugar here!

All of the guests were so excited to hear the story!  I found a bit kinder, gentler version of Little Red Riding Hood explained in the Mary Engelbreit Nursery Tale Book.  Beautiful illustrations too!

The little felt cookies were a challenge!  Sewing is NOT my forte - but they turned out cute!

All our guests took home fabulous Red Riding Hood capes, along with a basket of cookies they earned by playing games set up in the backyard!

Pickle and Belle's Little Red Riding Hoods. . .

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