Thursday, January 27, 2011

Grab your Aqua Net and Hot Rollers, Girls! This calls for some Texas Big Hair!

Not sure that I thought I would see a day where I would get this fired up over "the release" of a nail polish line, but the OPI's TEXAS line has me hootin' and hollerin'!
Darlin', these colors are down right "Tex-y".  Let's revel in our right as Texas beauties to be bold, sassy and over the top.  I'm practically teasing my hair already.  You can bet I'll be in line somewhere on February 2 to purchase my bottles of It's Totally Fort Worth It (purple by coincidence, I think not!) and Suzi Loves Cowboys!  Yeehaw, ladies! Pickle

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pickle's New Obsession

I don't know if I miss my Christmas tree or if I'm ready for spring, but I can't have too many topiaries lately.  I want them everywhere.  Like these from Ballard Designs.

Boxwood Topiaries

What's not to love?  They add life to a room without needing to be fed, watered or taken for a walk.  And if you are like me and momentarily stuck with A LOT of white walls, these make the room seem fresh, bright and airy instead  of plain and boring. 

Angel Vine Topiary
I love topiararies enough to blog about them on a Friday night.  I am not ashamed.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Belle's Big Find: Corinna Couture

My three year old dresses better than me.  I can't help it.  I use the excuse that she outgrows everything she has, but it is really the allure of glitter and tulle, polka dots and stripes, and bright colors that draws me in.  I take fashion risks with her that I do not have the nerve to make myself.  She ends up looking adorable. 

I know the time will be come when she doesn't let me pick her clothes, but until then, I will continue to pretend she is my personal doll.

One of my favorite finds on Etsy is Corinna Couture.  She has become one of my go-to girls when I need a special outfit for my daughter.
Photo by B4 Photography

Check out my new favorite, The Presley Dress.  The perfect dress for Valentine's Day. . .and after!

Photography by Landojake Photography

You can find all her items at her etsy shop: 
or follow her on facebook at

Saturday, January 8, 2011
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Welcome to PickleBelle!

Welcome to PickleBelle!  This blog is dedicated to hard-working moms in search of beautiful things for their families, their homes and themselves!  Plus, it gives us a place to collect things that make our hearts happy.  We're so glad you have joined us and hope you enjoy what we have to share.