Monday, January 10, 2011

Belle's Big Find: Corinna Couture

My three year old dresses better than me.  I can't help it.  I use the excuse that she outgrows everything she has, but it is really the allure of glitter and tulle, polka dots and stripes, and bright colors that draws me in.  I take fashion risks with her that I do not have the nerve to make myself.  She ends up looking adorable. 

I know the time will be come when she doesn't let me pick her clothes, but until then, I will continue to pretend she is my personal doll.

One of my favorite finds on Etsy is Corinna Couture.  She has become one of my go-to girls when I need a special outfit for my daughter.
Photo by B4 Photography

Check out my new favorite, The Presley Dress.  The perfect dress for Valentine's Day. . .and after!

Photography by Landojake Photography

You can find all her items at her etsy shop: 
or follow her on facebook at

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